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New York Estate Litigation

If you have ever had to deal with the passing of a loved one, you know the importance of having a knowledgeable New York Estate Litigation Lawyer on your side. When the intentions a deceased loved one are clearly stated in a legally binding document, the Probate and Estate Administration process can work out as planned, without any major problems. However, in most situations this is not the case. In New York, the Probate process can be delayed by conflicts between relatives or others responsible for the estate, resulting in the need for an Estate Litigation Lawyer.

During the Probate process, the individual responsible for the estate, called the Fiduciary in New York, may need an Estate Litigation Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC to defend against legal suits brought on by disappointed inheritors and creditors who may question the actions that have taken place surrounding the estate. An Estate Litigation Lawyer in New York City is often needed during this process to prepare an appropriate defense strategy.

When a New York Will is contested, the Fiduciary can easily be caught in the middle of two arguing parties. The estates executor may be accused of negligent wrongdoing and in some cases be called to testify in a New York Probate Court. If you are an estate Fiduciary being challenged by another party, you will need the assistance of an Estate Litigation Lawyer who knows the New York Probate process.

The distribution of a loved one’s estate and assets in New York can be disputed by wary family or friends who may feel their rights have been disregarded. An Estate Litigation Lawyer for the opposing side can challenge the actions of a Fiduciary or Estate Administrator. In addition to this, a beneficiary of the estate can sue for increased inheritances including a spouse's right of election. Your Estate Litigation Lawyer should also advise you on the time restrictions for pursuing legal action, which can be confined to days and weeks rather than months and years. A New York City Estate Litigation Lawyer from our office can assist you as you make these difficult decisions, and help arm you with the information you need to get thru this challenging process.

Every Estate Litigation Lawyer from the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC has spent years assisting New York residents with their estate and probate needs. Each Estate Litigation Lawyer from our office has an in-depth knowledge of the New York Surrogates Court system and will work with you to clear up misunderstandings and provide clarity to everyone involved with the Estate Litigation.

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Client Reviews
Mr. Bilkis handled both my father and mother's estate issues through very difficult times he was compassionate kind and understanding. In fact the whole firm showed great empathy. Despite the emotional hard time we were having that quickly and efficiently handle all the matters that were necessary to get us the result we desired. Can't recommend them enough. B.B.