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New York Conservatorships


When persons can no longer care for themselves and their properties, a court may place them under the control of a conservator, who is responsible for their well-being and financial management. The court order taht assigns this legal control is called a conservatorship. If you feel a loved one is no longer competent to take care of himself or herself or handle his or her own financial affairs, our probate attorneys can establish a conservatorship.


When a parent can no longer care for a child, that child may become a ward of the state.  In such an instance, the Probate Court may appoint a guardian to provide for the child and manage the child's property, if any.  A court may also appoint a guardian for a child whose parents have abandoned or abused him or her, or failed to provide him or her with adequate care.

A guardian has the same legal standing as a parent, including the responsibility for shelter, education and medical care. The court may also appoint a "special" guardian to deal with specific issues, such as managing the minor's property without having to provide for the child's personal needs.

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