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In general, people tend to shy away from documents such as Advanced Health Care Directives because it forces us to peer into the future and deal with our own mortality. The important thing to remember about these documents however is that they should be created now, long before they will ever be needed. An Advanced Health Care Directive, also called a Living Will, is a document that gives directions to health care providers and physicians in the event that you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. It will set out your specific wishes regarding your health care, and can be very general or quite detailed. A person’s wishes regarding life support, use of medications, and whether life sustaining measures should be taken (such as receiving food and water) are some of the items usually covered.

It is a sad fact that many people find themselves in an unexpected tragic event, and if there are no written instructions, the responsibility for your health care decisions will rest on your physician and family members. Often this document is created in conjunction with a comprehensive estate plan, including the Last Will and Testament. To protect your family, and have your personal wishes respected, it is important that you contact a New York Advanced Health Care Directive Lawyer to assist you in creating this document, and ensure that it is part of your overall estate plan.

With the miraculous advances in modern medicine, it is now possible to take extraordinary medical measures and prolong life as never before. This brings up an interesting debate regarding sustaining life vs. quality of life. In 1990 the United States Supreme Court recognized that people have the right to refuse end of life treatment as long as their wishes have been set forth in writing. Dwindling in a vegetative state, or in a coma with no hope of recovery are good examples of where a health care directive would be particularly important.

This document is often created in conjunction with a Power of Attorney for Health Care. This document designates an individual to act as an Attorney-in-Fact for a person, and make decisions on their behalf. It is important to remember that if you linger in a vegetative state indefinitely, not only will your loved one’s suffer immeasurably, you estate’s assets could be severely drained with expense of keeping you alive, with no hope of recovery. Dealing with these subjects may make people uncomfortable, but they are important and necessary for the preservation of your assets and emotional well being of your loved ones. An experienced New York Estate Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can assist you in creating not only an Advanced Health Care Directive, but any Estate Planning documents necessary to ensure that your assets and your loved ones are protected. Whether you require a Will and Trust, a Revocable Trust, or a New York Probate Attorney, we can create a document that works for you and fits your needs. At your first appointment, we will offer you a completely free consultation. Make your appointment today at any of our many locations throughout the New York area, from Queens and the Bronx, to Long Island or Westchester County; where ever you are in New York there is a location near you. Call us today for your free appointment at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW.

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